#UPDATE: The ten-months-long standoff between president Mustafa and the regional council is coming to a head to head tomorrow!

Sources have it that the Somali regional council will have its first regular session after 10 months of wrangling, accusations and counter-accusations of stonewalling, and coup plotting with the regional administration.

It was just a few ago that president Mustafa pushed for the resignation of the council’s speaker, Mr. Adi Mohamed aka Ugaaska, in a constitutionally dubious scheme by appointing him a regional bureau head without the council’s proper approval and the selection of a successor.

The dispute at the time was said to have its roots on whether to hold a regular council session that has been requested by a chunk of its members by signing a petition.

The members behind about this latest drive are said to have been uneasy about what ‘they termed ‘Mustafa administration efforts to stone-wall and frustrate the regional council’s efforts to fulfill their constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch properly ‘.

It has also been reported that President Mustafa has allowed for the preparation for a regular session to proceed after allegedly feeling confident after months-long lobbying that is said to involve backroom deals and exchanges, the barring of some of the most vocal members from tomorrow’s planned session.

Everybody is in ‘wait and see mode’ to see what will happen tomorrow. Will president Mustafa’s gambling work and prove everybody that these members are up for sale regardless of how they try hard to hold the administration accountable for serious misdeeds, whether it’s corruption, or whether it’s, is inefficiency, that they themselves have been alleging for months?

Or will these council members manage to achieve something unheard of before, by holding the executive branch accountable? Or will the months-long standoff lead to a more profound political discord that will put the region back into the abyss?

Let us all wait and see, then!

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