Some excerpts from a mock Interview with DP Mustafa Omar

Commentary: We know this may sound crazy, but all the events described in this interview are all true. And welcome to Prosperity Part bizarre circus in the Somali Region, where reality is much more strangers than fiction itself.

And finally, the madness that happened in Jijiaga today, one wonders if this was a sneak preview of what is to happen on September 1st.

Rajo: How were you able to come over with the tyranny of the majority?

Mustafe: Could you be more specific?

Rajo: Well, when 147 parliamentarians out of 180 MPs voted to remove you from the office?

Mustafe: Can you believe that they want me out of office.

Rajo: but Sir!

Mustafa: Yes, that was simple, what matters were numbers and I can assure you we had more than 200 votes. I come prepared, you know.

Rajo: But there were only 180, how can you get more than 200.

Mustafe: Ah! Come on that was simple. I was trying to show them that we can break the record.

Rajo: Could you elaborate more.

Mustafe: Can you believe those fools- those tyrants- thought that they can easily table a motion of no confidence and throw me out of office, just like that. I mean who does that kind of stupid shit? And for what? Just because 34 billion is missing?

Rajo: Sir, If you could …

Mustafe: Sorry! well, I wasn’t fool. I had prior knowledge and the moment that is why I changed the venue; from the parliament building to the presidential compound. We denied some of them to come, assign some nasty and scary Liyu polices to intimidate some of them. But when they didn’t budge, what else do you expect me to do.

Well, I did the pre-emptive strike, I had my cousin Gen Tuur in charge of the Liyu police- know you know why I had to put my cousins in charge of the Liyu police and security bureau. Well, to make a long story short, I arrested those scumbag MPs as soon as they stormed out of the building. Then I heard there something called ” quorum” and to do that

I filled the auditorium with members of my cabinet, their drivers, some of my diaspora friends, and then when we come short, I had Omar Farouk bussed some family members and vuala in short time we had like HUUUUGE numbers, more than 147 MPs that left. Oh boy! they voted unanimously for the government. These guys know me better and don’t you think they should be the ones to judge me and not some freaking MPs whom I never met. .I wish you were there, It was beautiful, the enthusiasm- it was electrifying. Simply put, people’s democracy in its purest form.