Somali Region: SFP Party leader beaten and arrested in Jigjiga for having links to Jawar Mohammed

Jigjiga (JO) – The chairman of the SFP party was tortured and arrested by the bodyguards of Somali Regional President Mustafa Omar.

Mr. Yusuf Hussein, was detained in Jigjiga for several hours with injuries before being released.

Sources confirmed to Jigjiga Online that Yusuf has been accused of having links with Oromo politicians, particularly Jawar Mohammed.

The Somali region has become a haven for dictators recently, where opposition activists and politicians critical of President Cagjar have been similarly beaten and arrested.

A statement from the SFP confirmed the injuries and the arrest of Governor Yusuf.

Read here SPF’s statement:

“#Somali Federalist Party #SFP chairman Mr. Yusuf Husein, Who is one of the Opposition parties in #Somali Region has been Arrested and beaten by the Staff of #Somali Regional President.

On Tuesday core members of #SFP had a lunch in one of the restaurants in #Jigjigs. Right After they finished their discussions, the regional president staff “Liyuu police” came to the Restaurant and called the chairman Mr. Yusuf Hussein outside the Restaurant and started to question him and later the police had beaten him.

Following this beating The party chairman had a “head injury which has caused heavy bleeding and bouts of dizziness.

Later he was escorted to jail. We worried on the increasing trend of beating and arresting of opposition members.

It is also believed the #Mustafa’s Admiration fear our new party which have strong support from #Jigjiga residents.”

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