Somali Region: Human rights violations Alert

We are getting the horrific news that the recently arrested Somali lawmakers and activists weren’t only denied the access to their family and attorneys, but even denied something as essential as food.

This is inhumane and a serious violation of their fundamental human rights, and goes without pointing how such vindictive measures are beyond the pale.

The names of the lawmakers currently detained illegally are:

1. MP/Dr. Niman Hamarrie, Faafan Zone
2. MP. Shaafi Ashir, Faafan Zone
3. MP. Yusuf Elmi Isak, Qorahay Zone
4. MP. Nadir Yusuf Adan, Jarar Zone
5. MP. Abdrizak Abdilahi Bayle, Doollo Zone

Amnesty International United Nations Human Rights Ethiopian Human Rights Council Office of the Prime Minister-Ethiopia

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