Gaining momentum, #SomalisForTrueReform hold their third conference in Addis Ababa

For the third such conference in a month, a group of Somali lawmakers, community leaders, intellectuals, as well all notable political figures that dubbed themselves #SomalisForTrueReform has gathered in Addis Ababa to discuss the endless political crisis in the region, the deteriorating human rights situation in the region the latest of which is the illegal detention of five lawmakers, the corruption that got of control, and lack of good governance and among other key concerns in the region.

According to some of the participants, they have called for what they termed ‘a meaningful, and genuine, political transition that is in line with the spirit of the national reforms that are underway in other parts of the country to take root in the Somali region’.

They have also lamented the current Somali regional administration and what they edged as ‘an ineffective, corrupt, and nepotistic administration. While briefing the national media, the participants accused the current adminstration of ‘never ending cycles of political crises, community clahes, the absence of rule of law, human rights violations, the intimidation and arrest of political opponents’ to be the norm in the region again.

The conference organizers have also acknowledged that the political situation in the Somali region to be very disconcerting to the point that the region’s leadeship is busy settling political scores whether it is the jailing of lawmakers or cracking down on its critics in the midst of narional and regional disasters: COVID-19, intercommunal conflicts, flash floods, locust infestation’.

They have also called for immediate federal intervention, to salvage the so-called change ‘ለውጥ’ in the region.

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