‘Critics should hold their meetings in Jijiga, not in Addis’ they said!

BY: Mohamed Olad

‘Critics should hold their meetings in Jijiga, not in Addis’ they said!

Members of parliament, community leaders, academics, health professionals, notable figures and former government officials met to discuss the endless political crisis in the region and the govt’s aloofness to the daily experiences and struggles experienced by people of the Somali region, and the need for imperative and tangible reforms. The timely meeting organized by the dynamic “Badbaado Team” comes just days before a 10month-long anticipated parliament session that the administration has fought tooth and nail to prevent it so that they can escape accountability. It also came at a time

Due to security concern and non-stop harassment from the regional government, the meeting was held in a discreet location in Jijiga City – as part of measured attempts to avoid being attacked or jailed during the program. BThe meeting was livestreamed and, in the last 48hours, over 30thousand people have tuned in and provided constructive feedback. This latest gathering is part of efforts intended to hold Mustafa’s administration for failing on all of it’s expectation and pledges in almost to years that is currently underway throughout the region and country; as Ramadan comes to an end, we anticipate community-driven mobilizations demanding an real and tangible reforms would rapidly increase.

Since the Bad-Baado meeting in Jijiga, all attendees have been verbally harassed and threatened by Liyu police officers (directed the government, of course). Weren’t they, the Mustafa administration, the ones discrediting opposition narratives because they were coming out of their meetings and engagements in Addis?

Soon as we took note of the regional administration’s hypocritical accusations of ‘treasonous politiking’, just because they appealed concerned federal authorities and Prosperity Party apparatus, we set out to prove that credible political movements can, and will, take place in the region. It can, and will, also take place outside the region, and anywhere else that is fits the bill.

However, the Mustafa’s administrator should take note one serious lesson from the political trend in the last two month or so: that they can’t keep hunting down those who don’t share their views in the region anymore. We are determined to change the political culture in the region that has been characterized by fear and intimidation for so long.

Loudly we say; we cannot be silenced or frightened.

Freedom of speech and press, will and must be tasted by the Somali people in every district, town, and village of the Somali region!

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