Benalf Andualem of the Prosperity Party secretariat: the Lawrence of Arabia in the Somali Region!

Benalf Andualem of the #PP secretariat: the Lawrence of Arabia in the Somali Region

Or shall we say; #PrinceBenalf, because nothing happens in the Somali Region without his knowledge, he is like Twelde, and Aba Tsehay combined into one. Benalf, the holly-political-patron of Mustafa, rules the region and it’s so-called prosperity party leadership from his office, in comfort and in style.

What else is left for the so-called Somalis in prosperity party if Benalf from Gojjam has to choose and approve who will represent Somalis in the about to be constituted #prosperityparty central committee?

The then SDP Central Committee was a 61 member committee. Out of that 61 central committee members, 45 of them were supposed to join the newly formed #pp central committee. According to the procedure, the last SDP Congress should have chosen the 45 members that will join the PP central committee out of the 61 members. However, given the rushing of pp formation, that mandate was delegated to then SDP central committee.

However, out of sheer wimpiness, the so-called Somali #pp executive members were sidelined to choose their representatives themselves. Prince Benalf of the then Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), the new political master lord of Jigjiga has handpicked for them and the Somali people; no worries, folks!

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