Attacking Filsan Is Reprehensible


Filsan Abdi is one the youngest Minsters, not only in Ethiopia but Africa. She is often described as ” bold and dynamic” and has a fierce mind and brave spirit.

As an entrepreneur, she has already launched an independent TV in Somali region to contribute to peace building and democratic discourse — in a region known for its oppressive suppression of free media.

Filsan was NOT nominated on a clan ticket but rather on her work and accomplishment, particularly in the UK.

So far , she has proved herself a capable leader and stands tall above all other mediocre , and CORRUPT politicians who have represented the Somali people in Ethiopian politics- whether they like it or not.

Interestingly, her style of politics and her scathing criticism of recent events in Somali region has rattled some powerful and heartless elites in Somali region. Isn’t she entitled to her own views?

It’s a shame to see some idiots attacking their own sister ( Filsan) on social media. Such individuals are blinded by hatred and can only interpret political events while living in their own clan shell.

What will you lose if you celebrate her quality and debate with her wisely, in case you disagree with her opinions?

Remember, her opinion on SRS issues is taken seriously by the federal government, the diplomatic community in Adds and beyond.

All the issues she raised recently are critical to people in SRS and should be analysed carefully to understand what she meant and the far reaching implications of ignoring her concerns.

Hurling insults at her is disgraceful, self-defeating and a blatant disregard of the right of every citizens to express their views.

Filsan shouldn’t feel intimidated by a group of patriarchal gangs trying to silence her. She is doing a great job, and the public is the judge.

Respect begins at home; respect your sisters.

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